Tennessee Disability MegaConference

Plans for the 14th Annual MegaConference are underway!

Thursday & Friday - May 26-27, 2016

The Tennessee Disability MegaConference is Tennessee’s largest disability-specific conference for individuals with disabilities, families, and professionals.  At the conference, people share the latest information and innovations on many topics including housing, employment, education, health care, recreation and leisure, mental health, and others.  Continuing education credits are offered in many categories.  People attending make new friends and important connections as everyone works together to encourage the full participation of all people with disabilities in their own lives!

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The Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors is open! Click the Sponsors & Exhibitors link.

Registration is open! Click the Stipends Registration link.

The 2016 Artwork Contest is now open! We are seeking artwork by artists with disabilities that shows off our 2016 conference theme. All submissions will be judged on how well our theme is depicted. Every submission will be printed and proudly displayed during the MegaConference. The deadline for artwork submittal is April 11, 2016. To enter, complete the entry form found HERE and follow the directions. The winner will be announced by April 22, 2016.

The temperature of meeting rooms throughout the conference center will be set at 72 degrees. Please dress accordingly and if you are cold-natured, dress in layers and bring a sweater or jacket.

Photographs and videos will be taken throughout the conference. Attendance constitutes permission to use images and videos of those at the event on this website, by sponsoring disability agencies and in other promotional materials.

This conference is FRAGRANCE FREE!  Please refrain from using perfumes, colognes, or scented personal products in consideration of people with chemical sensitivities.

Tennessee Disability MegaConference